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Ophthalmic treatments

Ectropion Surgery

Outpatient surgery to correct the eyelid eversion and is performed under regional anesthesia and it is to make a tarsal strip that involves the replacement and adjustment of the eyelid with a suture side edge. 
  1. Involutive Ectropion Surgery : tarsal strip, Kuhnt-Szymanowski, Lazy-T, repairCirugía de Ectropión Involutiu: tira tarsal, Kuhnt-Swymanowsky, Lazy-T, retractors repair with sutures investors, spindle medial, lateral or medial canthopexy.
  2. Mechanical ectropion Surgery: excision tumor injury.
  3. Paralytic Ectropion Surgery: tarsal strip +/- midface lifting +/- posterior lamella graft. Scar: skin graft + tarsal strip +/- half facelift    
Ectropion Surgery