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Definition: They are inflammations of the uvea (a structure formed by the iris, ciliary body and choroid). The uveitis group includes a heterogeneous spectrum of pathologies, according to their location and etiology. The main causes of uveitis are diseases that affect the rest of the body, especially infectious and autoimmune diseases. The most common symptoms are pain, decreased visual acuity and sensitivity to light. Uveitis usually requires a multidisciplinary approach, we perform together with internal medicine.

  1. Anterior uveitis is treated with anti-inflammatory eye drops (51)
  2. Noninfectious posterior uveitis is fought with cortisone administered orally or by injections around the eye (51)
  3. Uveitis associated with a chronic process may require the use of immunomodulatory drugs (51)
  4. Surgical intervention may be effective in solving associated complications such as cataracts (1) or glaucoma (affecting the anterior segment) (9*), retinal detachment (4*), vitreous opacity or macular edema (affecting the fundus)