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Definition: The human eye has two lenses that, acting together, focus light on the retina. The outer lens is called Cornea and internal Crystalline. Light rays that penetrate into the eye, first pass through the Cornea and then the Crystalline, to finally reach the retina. From the retina, these light rays are directed to the brain via the optic nerve in the form of electrical impulses. Crystalline is composed of water and protein. Almost everyone experiences, around age of 55-60 years, a progressive agglomeration of proteins. This process causes the lens to change color and go opaque. This clouding of the eye's natural lens (Crystalline) is called Cataract and, rather than a disease, should be considered as a natural process of aging.
Although cataracts can also be inherited or caused by disease, falls or trauma, age-related cataract is by far the most common.

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