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Definition: Normally they are seen by the presence of a posterior vitreous detachment. Vitreous humor is the gel that fills the eye socket, in myopic patients or with age, the vitreous humor can become more liquid and can be moved, sometimes detaching part of adhesions that bind it to the retina. This movement of the vitreous humor can be considered as a physiological event. Floaters can be seen and sometimes flashes of lightning. Se ven moscas volantes (miodesopsias) y a veces flashes o relàmpagos (photopsia). When a sharp movement of the vitreous humor occurs, with acute presence of floaters, is essential to study the retina, especially the peripheral zone to rule out holes, tears or retinal detachment.

  1. In the presence of floaters, no treatment is recommended, usually the symptoms disappear or decrease with the passage of months. Some severe cases may benefit from a pars plana vitrectomy and removal of floating bodies (9) vitrectomy pars (9).