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Eye Tumors (conjuntiva, intraocular, eyelid and orbit)

Definition: benign or malignant tumors affecting the eye or ocular adnexa

  1. Eyelid lumps: excisional biopsy + eyelid flap reconstruction and/or grafts.
  2. If malignancy can be associated with criotherapy, radiotherapy or systemic chemotherapy.
  3. If conjunctival pathology, excisional biopsy associated with topical chemotherapy and/or cryotherapy.
  4. If intraocular malignancy, evisceration or enucleation with orbital implant.(25, 26)
  5. In case of malignant orbital tumor, exenteration.(27)
  6. In cases of malignant tumors may be associated with cryotherapy, diathermy, plaque brachytherapy (ocular melanomas), external beam radiotherapy (orbital tumors), systemic chemotherapy (malignant orbit tumors). (19,20)