Institute of Ophthalmology-Clínica Girona (IOC) 
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  Girona Mercantile Register
Volume 1198
Book 0
Page 57
Sheet 8
Folder GI-10123
Entry 5


Eyelid Trauma, orbital and tear duct.

Definition: Eyelid: full or partial thickness laceration of the eyelid affecting or not outside it Orbitary: orbital fracture, orbital contusion. fractura orbitaria, contusión orbitaria. Tear Duct: canalicular laceration, inner side desinsertion, medial wall orbital fracture.
  1. Eyelid Repair Suture and/or flaps.
  2. Fracture Repair by orbital prosthesis.
  3. Tear Duct: Suture and canalicular intubation.
  4. Cantal Reintegration.
  5. Medial Wall Fracture Repair..