Institute of Ophthalmology-Clínica Girona (IOC) 
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  Girona Mercantile Register
Volume 1198
Book 0
Page 57
Sheet 8
Folder GI-10123
Entry 5

Dra. Isabel Caral

Ophthalmologist specialist in pediatric ophthalmology.
Nº 6872

Degree by Universitat de Barcelona.
Skilled training (MIR) at the hospital Universitari Arnau de Vilanova.
Member of the Sociedad Española de estrabologia y oftalmología pediátrica.
Teacher associated of Universitat de Girona.
Teacher of Master's Degree in surgical infirmary at Universitat de Lleida.

Degree in Medicine by Universitat de Barcelona and specialist at ophthalmology.
Her main activity develops mostly at the public health at the area of the pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, so much medical like surgical, utilising the technicians most recommended for each patient and the perfect treatment for each one.
Also she realises educational tasks as a teacher associated of Universitat de Girona and activities directed at pediatricians.
She has presented communications at numerous national and international congresses.
Dra. Isabel Caral